Our Process

We believe that a well-rounded plan comes from a design that not only grows your net worth in good times, it protects you from life’s eroding factors; taxes, inflation, financial expenses, lost opportunity cost, stock market declines, loan interest costs, and lawsuits. These are key components to a well-rounded plan.

How our process works:

  • Your first visit - This is a no-obligation meeting, the first step in the process. It is an opportunity for us to discuss you financial goals and see if we are a good fit working together.
  • Create a customized plan - Once we have decided to work together our office will create a plan that works for you.
  • Action - After the plan has been agreed upon, we implement your plan and begin our financial journey together.
  • Annual Review - Life is ever changing. So we meet annually to adjust your plan so it keeps up with you.